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Why Should You Choose Queen Consulting and Technologies
to Support Your Computer Network?


We offer a 90-day money back guarantee


We are experts in IT support for Government Contractors


We communicate with honesty and transparency in a way you can understand


Our compliance team are certified experts


We go above and beyond for our customers


We focus on preventing problems from happening rather than reacting to them after the fact


We make IT personal


We guarantee 100% up-time access and availability to your mission critical data

See what others are saying about us…


Everything is different now that we are customers with Queen. Their team has made it easy for us to grow, first as a distributor and now as a manufacturer of furniture to the DoD. They manage and maintain all our systems and transitioned us to a new day to day operation with no downtime.

When COVID hit, we were able to remotely access all business systems and continue our day to day operations thanks to Queen’s past preparations and responsive support.

Jim Combs



Its been wonderful since we switched to Queen. They provide great value and know far more about our industry as resellers to the federal government than our previous IT company did. Not only do they save us money, they do great work and are aligned with our business objectives.

Whenever I think of Queen, I don’t think of the support portal,  I think of the people.  In addition to their technical abilities, they communicate well and make it clear we are working with human beings who care.  It’s easy to build trust with such attentiveness and consistency.

Sarah Oasen

Excutive Director, Operations & Compliance, Empower Solutions LLC


They are a Government Contractor’s saving grace for solving proactive IT governance and maintenance problems and go above and beyond to ensure our success.  Queen is currently helping us achieve CMMC compliance and I can personally attest to their knowledge and competence where compliance is concerned.

Hiring Queen Consulting & Technologies is like adding a trusted friend to your IT staff.

Bree Burk

Director of Operations
Four Inc

IT's What We Do

CompTIA Network
CompTIA Security Front Royal VA 22630
Six Sigma Black Belt Front Royal VA 22630
ITIL Certification Front Royal VA 22630
Microsoft Certified IT Professional Front Royal VA 22630
Certified Mac Associate Front Royal VA 22630
CompTIA A+ Front Royal VA 22630
Microsoft Certified IT Professional Front Royal VA 22630
ISO 27001 Certified Front Royal VA 22630
Project Management Professional PMI Front Royal VA 22630
Cisco Certified Front Royal VA 22630
Queen Technologies and Consulting

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