About Queen Consulting & Technologies

Bringing you the first-move advantage, in every direction. (Cue clever chess analogy…)

Chess is famous for many things, most importantly for teaching foresight and initiative. 

Of all the pieces on the board, the Queen is the most versatile and can press the best advantage. She is able to go any distance, in any direction.

But most small businesses play the game without a Queen on the board.

And when it comes to your nerve center, your IT maintenance and network security, that’s a potential minefield of downtime and lost possibility.

71% of security breaches occur in businesses with fewer than 100 employees.


Small businesses that fail from IT mismanagement.


Over 62% of small business fail after security breaches and badly configured networks.*


Customer satisfaction with managed IT security & maintenance.

Take the Initiative

Leverage our certified team and decades of experience in keeping companies in the game by hiring a small, professional team schooled in excellence, communication and consistent business relationships.

Take the initiative before things break down and put the Queen on your side of the board. Time is money. Avoid losing time and money from technology downtime.

Call us today to get the peace of mind and excellent service you need to thrive.

Press Your Advantage

For companies in the Alexandria and D.C. area, you can add a new edge to your game.

Queen Consulting and Technologies helps you press your advantage with a solid strategy for IT security and management.

No more headaches, no more worry, and no more lost opportunities.

Queen Consulting and Technologies is an IT Management and IT Support company, founded on the principles of the Queen piece.

IT expert, Nathan Scott, stays fast and light with his support, committed to consistency and service you can count on.

IT's what we're good at

CompTIA Network
CompTIA Security Front Royal VA 22630
Six Sigma Black Belt Front Royal VA 22630
ITIL Certification Front Royal VA 22630
Microsoft Certified IT Professional Front Royal VA 22630
Certified Mac Associate Front Royal VA 22630
CompTIA A+ Front Royal VA 22630
ISO 27001 Certified Front Royal VA 22630
Project Management Professional PMI Front Royal VA 22630
Cisco Certified Front Royal VA 22630

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