Meet the Team

Our talented and friendly team members are the best at what they do.

Katherine Scott

Katherine Scott

President, CEO and Co-Founder

Katherine Scott finds great fulfillment in serving people through business ownership and operations.

With years of experience managing day to day operations of small businesses in various industries such as non-profits, education, and even plumbing, Katherine brings high quality, dedicated service to supporting her clients and their needs. Katherine’s detail-oriented and comprehensive approach to any task enables her to deliver results.

Katherine considers customer service to be the top priority for all client interactions and integrates these values into her daily activities.

Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott

CIO and Co-Founder

Nathan Scott is passionate about helping people find the right technological solutions to improve their businesses and lives.

As a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry, he has proven successful in numerous profitable projects, happy customers, and opportunity generation.

As a gifted communicator, he is dedicated to building strong relationships through versatility, adaptability, and commitment to transforming opportunity into success.

Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer


Bill Fischer prefers to keep his profile strictly to the technical and you may find his experience in a nutshell below. However, we can tell you his passion is in Data Recovery and making movie references while sharing a rare cigar.

  •  ISO trained and operated
  • Data recovery, with clean room environment
  • Professional in SOC3 guidelines
  • Data Retrieval from: hard drives, both mechanical, solid state, and hybrid, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, RAID systems and other assorted media.
  • Forensic analysis and litigation support.
  • Network Operations, Forensics
  • Built, maintained, and managed all support incidents for a proprietary electronic discovery platform.
  • Provided all training, documentation, and technical support to government, law firms, and corporate entities.
  • Responsible for all network operations from backbone to user workstations.
  • Provided forensic analysis and collection using EnCase and FTK for both internal and external clients.
  • Responsible for the design, build, and maintenance of all network hardware and software platforms.
  • Extensive experience with Compaq, HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Gateway, Sonicwall, D-Link, Netgear, 3-Com, and many other hardware platforms.
  • Maintained Sonicwall and HP preferred vendor status.
  • Setup, develop and maintain SonicWALL preferred partner relationship.
  • Setup and maintain authorized onsite Compaq Service Center.
  • Maintain Microsoft Solution Provider status.
  • VOIP, WAN, SAN and other networking services. Design, build and maintain Cisco CCIE training lab.

Certifications: MCSE, CCNA, MCP, A+, Server+, Network+, Security+, Storage+, CFA, CSSA, Cisco Sales Expert, Fortinet NSE


Jenne Lozano

Jenne Lozano

Help Desk Coordinator

If you call the Queen Help Desk, Jenne will be one of the friendly voices answering the phone to assist you.

She is a native Midwesterner and loves the country life. When she’s not balancing the books she’s gardening, painting, or having dance parties in her kitchen with her four boys and the family dog.

She holds a bachelors in political science and economics from Christendom College.

Cielle Tomlin

Cielle Tomlin

Accounting Manager

Cielle strives for perfection in everything she does.

Working on the professional scene, she knows how to make sure that clients are kept up-to-date on their accounting, and that the bookkeeping and is kept up smoothly. 

Cielle is committed to efficiency and organization, which she demonstrates daily to our staff and clients.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Systems Administrator

Michael has been working with computers ever since he got one in High School.

At first he took them apart, but he figured out to how to fix them.  Soon he was fixing computers wherever he found them, eventually culminating in his current six years in the field (professionally speaking).

He has moved from government contractor to the private field, and looks forward to years of helping improve the computers and networks of Queen Consulting’s clients.

David Scott

David Scott

Senior Systems Architect

David is a truly creative technologist with extensive experience in IT Systems design – integration and support, eCommerce development and management, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, Audio Video integration and production.

Even before the time of the World Wide Web, the internet has been used to share information. David has been involved since the early days of modern computing. Today he works with PCs, Macs, Linux and numerous data centers as well as mobile devices and embedded systems.

Mike Novak

Mike Novak

IT & Account Specialist

As part of the Queen Consulting team, Mike is one of the go-to IT guys for solving problems and making sure all our clients’ technology is up and running flawlessly. He takes care of our support tickets and pressing tech issues.

He also works behind the scenes, with proactive maintenance to prevent problems from happening.

He recently completed his AAS degree in cybersecurity from LFCC and is excited to be working in the world of IT!

Security, Maintenance and Software Developement


Certified IT Expert, Network +

Corey has 2 years of experience in a data center environment dealing mainly with hardware, Linux being the majority of the operating systems, along with high end raid machines for resellers and collocation setup / configuration.


Certified IT Expert, Network +

Kristi’s interest in technology began at a young age when she received a used computer for Christmas at the age of 10. Growing up with a mechanic father, she always had an interest in how things work. All of the jobs in her life revolve around customer service and she is a self-proclaimed people person. For Kristi, there is no better feeling than helping someone fix their problems. Now, she has combined all of these things into an enjoyable career.


Certified IT Expert, CompTIA A+, Security +, Network +

Eric actively holds CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications. He Ioves working with all things technical and gets excited at facing any new challenges in the IT world. He enjoys troubleshooting anything he can get his hands on and likes to see people happy with technology that works well on a regular basis.


ACE (AccessData certified Examiner), HDI SDTL, Mac Integration 10.10

Artie started working on computers at the age of 8. Ever since then, technology has been the cornerstone of his life. He has extensive experience in everything from creating VMware farms to setting up Outlook. In his experience, the best way to learn is if you do not know how something works or if you have never seen it before, go home and build it! In his downtime, Artie runs servers out of the office for people around the world, and he finds it rewarding seeing people from all around the world able to connect.


Certified IT Expert, CompTIA A+

Shawna ran a computer lab for six years at her previous job. Working with the IT admin sparked her interest in the IT field, which lead to her training, certification, and in depth knowledge of systems. As a customer-oriented person, Shawna does her very best to ensure our clients have the best possible experience in every interaction.


Certified IT Expert, Outlook 2003/2007, Mac Integration 10.8, Microsoft Certified IT

David has been working in the telecommunication and IT fields since 2005, including data/phone infrastructure installations and implementations, desktop and server administration and support. Having been an IT enthusiast since his teens, he loves dabbling in vintage hardware and operating systems, with a specific interest in the UNIX family.