“I manage the IT and operations for Four Inc., a Federal IT contractor, and keeping up with the cybersecurity requirements, IT governance, and daily IT management had become too cumbersome for me to successfully manage.

“Nathan and his team are a Government Contractor’s saving grace when it comes to solving proactive IT governance and maintenance problems, as they did with us.

“As Queen’s self-professed biggest fan, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on their services.

“It is rare that I so strongly recommend a partner that I will go out of my way to write about them, however the team at Queen has earned that level of trust and loyalty from me thanks to the past 3 years of support.

  • They treat our projects and problems as their own, with thoughtful urgency and attentiveness.
  • They have learned our business, our team members, and our systems, and prove their value to us on a daily basis. Other IT firms limited what facets of our organization’s IT that they would support, and were unwilling to understand my organization’s setup.
  • Shortly into our tenure together, we were seeking compliance with NIST 800-171 and they went above and beyond to ensure our success.

“Queen is currently helping Four Inc. achieve CMMC compliance so we can continue securing opportunities in the DOD space, and I can personally attest to their knowledge and competence where compliance is concerned.

“Honestly, hiring Queen Consulting & Technologies was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my role as Operations Manager.

“They have made huge strides in the advancement and security of my organization’s IT – far beyond what I could have done without them.  Queen has made themselves available to support our entire organization and they give me honest, sound, and reliable advice on important IT decisions without attempting to upsell me in any way.

“They also allow me to make business decisions without needing to be an IT expert, while also treating me with respect and dignity.

“Hiring Queen for IT support or consulting is like adding a trusted friend to your IT staff.”


Bree Burk


Chief of Operations, Four Inc

Notable Improvements:

  • NIST Compliance to continue bidding on DoD contracts
  • New Server for improved speed and productivity
  • Security systems such as Firewall and VPN
  • Datto for 24/7 Data Backups and Business Continutity
  • Help Desk Support to improve employee productivity

Company Profile

Name: Four Incorporated

Client Since: 2017

Number of Employees: 35

Favorite Service: Cloud File Storage and Collaboration

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