Solutions for the Covid-19 Crisis

We understand the pain points that businesses are facing during this current crisis and have solutions to help them continue working remotely.

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“We would not be nearly this prepared to work in a crisis like COVID-19 and remotely access all business systems if it wasn’t for your past preparations and your responsive support.”

Jim Combs

President, SCS ISS

Our Pain Point Resolution Guarantee

Every  issue and pain point you bring to us (by the signing of our partnership) will be resolved within the first three months. Guaranteed. Otherwise, we will resolve them absolutely FREE, no matter the cost.

Remote Workforce Checklist COVID-19

Get our best prcatices for enabling your remote workforce. 1 page, easy to print.

Need new ways to communicate with employees and clients?

We are offering free video conferencing, and VOIP systems (Usually $12 per user per month)

Get started now and get back to running meetings.

Do your employees need secure access to company data from home?

A VPN tunnel can connect you from your home network to your work network and allow your team to securely access files and shares at work from home.

In light of the current crisis we are offering our VPN solution to businesses for $5 per user per month (marked down from $20). Even if you aren’t using our product, we can still help you get set up with an alternative software.

Is remote team collaboration a headache?

Cloud Computing Options provide your business with agility and availability so that your team has access to your data.

We offer a wide range of options customized for each business so that you can access your files (no matter how big), use applications and email at home, and continue working and collaborating with your team.

Price points vary depending on the desired options and functionality and can point you to the lowest cost option to meet your needs.

Need to centralize business calls?

Are your employees using their personal cell phones or landlines for work right now, and missing out on calls coming to their business line? 

It is easy to get set up with a business phone for remote work quickly and easily. We have multiple solutions and can help you find one to fit your needs with free cloud options.

Need safety from Phishing Attacks & Threats?

Businesses are seeing a rise in phishing attacks and other threats right now as criminals take advantage of the global chaos.

Are you confident that your team members will be able to identify a phishing attempt?

Right now we are offering our Security Awareness Training for free for anyone who thinks it is worthwhile to know how to identify security threats even/especially when working from home.

Need industry compliance?

If you are subject to an industry compliance frame work are you confident that the solutions you used transition to remote work does not jeopardize your compliance with HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, ISO, GLBA, etc.?

We are a company of compliance experts and are familiar with a wide variety of compliance frameworks. We are currently offering FREE Level 1 Assessments for CMMC Compliance.

Are your employees getting computer issues resolved rapidly with remote support?

While this solution is not free, we do have affordable options for remote IT support, security monitoring, updates, patching and protection against virus and malware.

Contact us today and get your business working remotely with efficiency and security.