Each day brings its own set of challenges. From traffic jams to something, and, yes, even cold coffee. But one of the most frustrating challenges we face is the ever-present IT problems. You may be asking, “Can’t I just pay you to come to fix the systems when they break?” The answer to that question is that you do not want to wait until a problem arises to have it fixed.

Between hardware failures, issues in data backup systems, employee errors, even the fight against 80,000+ new malware systems released on the web every day, there are serious consequences to not taking the steps to protect your business from these issues before they become a problem. What are those consequences? Well, one virus on a company computer can lead to attacks by hackers all over the world, permanent loss of important data, breaches in customer data and information, the loss of customer trust and sales, bad PR for your business, and many other big problems that are expensive to fix.

When working under a “break-fix” model, your interests and that of the IT firm are not the same.

Where you want the problem resolved, they are often being paid by the hour, meaning there is no incentive to stabilize your network quickly. This makes you susceptible to the risk of unforeseen circumstances, scope creep, and inefficiencies due to technician knowledge or incompetence. While you want your system fixed in a timely manner, they want to find more problems so that they are able to make higher profits from your time.

Additionally, the IT firm is able to assign any of its technicians to your case. This means that a junior technician who is paid less arrives and takes two times longer to resolve your issues because there is no incentive for them to properly manage their time, thus prolonging the project and working to find more problems than they are solutions.

Not only will you have to deal with the unknown quality of service you will be receiving, but you will also have the unknown of the price tag on the work. This creates a problem for you when it comes to keeping track of the hours the technician truly worked to avoid getting over-billed, meaning you have to trust that they are being 100% ethical when it comes to tracking their hours – if they are even tracking them at all. Further, it causes a budgeting nightmare when it comes to your IT projects because your bill can go from zero to thousands in the span of just one month.

However, if you choose a “managed service” plan from a competent and trustworthy IT firm, there would be no need to worry about these issues. Your systems would be regularly monitored and updated to protect against any viruses and cybercriminals, there would be no need to wonder if your technician had been properly trained to resolve IT problems, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and protected.

Leave Bad Service Behind

If you’re ready to save yourself the headache of wasted time and money on the “Break-Fix” IT model, Queen Consulting and Technologies is ready to get you set up with fair and honest Managed IT service.