Queen Consulting and Technologies is excited to announce that we are now a Vanta Certified Service Partner!

We are committed to an ever-expanding effort to provide our clients, both current and prospective, with the best IT and security tools available. This is why we have completed all the necessary steps to become a Vanta Certified Service Partner.

This new partnership will allow our team to provide clients with a number of new, powerful security and compliance tools that help them get compliant in the fastest and most affordable way.

Through a fully customizable experience, business owners will have access to a system that reduces the cost and time it takes to get SOC II or ISO 27001 compliant. This includes tools to understand their current security posture, automated processes for audits, reports, and workflow, guides to fix security weak spots, and so much more!

The Benefits of Our Vanta Partnership

Our team can provide and assist in completing audits and certifications
Reduce the cost of getting your SOC II and ISO 27001 compliance
Enjoy continuous tests to ensure company security & compliance
Automate 90% of the process for your audits, reporting, and workflow
Get access to powerful tools and guide to fix security weak spots
See a realtime 24/7 company-wide view of your security posture
Integrate the Vanta system with the tools you already use
Showcase your security with easily customizable, branded reports
Get a custom-tailored roadmap for what’s next for your compliance

“This new partnership with Vanta allows us to elevate our company and clients to a new level of security and compliance. Their resources and tools make it easy to understand the path to compliance for all businesses, fulfill the necessary tasks to get compliant, and save both time and money while doing it.

So I’m excited to be able to offer this to our clients because it certainly isn’t easy to get SOC II or ISO 27001 compliant. There are so many audits, reports, and tasks that need to be completed – business owners are expected to put months of tedious work into fulfilling all the necessary goals. But with Vanta it’s a much quicker and automated process that I truly believe our clients will be really excited to utilize.”

– Nathan Scott, CTO & Solutions Manager of Queen

Queen is now a Vanta Certified Service Provider
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Vanta was founded in 2016 after many companies fell victim to high-profile data breaches. Because of those breaches, Vanta realized the need to restore faith in the online security of businesses. Leading them to their core mission – Automate Compliance. Simplify Security.

Ask us about how our partnership with Vanta is able to benefit your company today! Our team would love to help you get set up with the system and on your way to becoming compliant today!