Queen Consulting and Technologies Security Awareness Training

If we’ve learned anything from cybercriminals, it’s to follow the path of least resistance; humans. With our tools and marketing content, you can expose human vulnerabilities and express the need for additional security services.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Without cyber-security awareness, employees are sitting ducks. A successful defense knows what to look for. Establishing a proactive security approach is key in preventing the debilitating repercussions of a data breach. Lower your risk of having to put out the fire and start educating your clients & end users, today! 

1. Dark Web Breach Asesments

  • With one-time scans of a client or prospect’s domain, you can start the security conversation with evidence of their very real risks.
         a)  Breached Accounts
         b)  Involved Breaches
         c)  Compromised Data & Password

Compromised Data & Passwords Read more about our partnership with leading dark web giant, InfoArmor here.


2. Ongoing Simulated Phishing and Penetration Testing

  •  Simulated realistic phishing campaigns for each employee to reiterate the need not only for education, but for additional security services in case employees make mistakes.
  •  We are able to provide a report to the managers with the results of our monthly penetration testing.


3. Security Awareness Training

  • Engaging video content based on case studies make it easy to share the cybersecurity responsibility. You can easily share it with all your staff.
  • Initial interactive training with certification upon completing and passing, with a report showing  where you might be weak in security.
  • Ongoing weekly 5 minute video and quiz.
  • Monthly phishing penetration testing.