Queen Consulting & Technologies, in partnership with Continuum, provides a leading SaaS-based managed services platform that we as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) utilize to efficiently backup, monitor, and troubleshoot desktops, servers and other endpoints for businesses.

Our comprehensive platform provides an intelligent remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution and an advanced backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offering – all integrated with an industry-leading Network Operations Center (NOC) and U.S.- based world-class Help Desk, delivering a single, unified managed services experience.

Partners and their clients trust Queen Consulting & Technologies with remote monitoring and management of their most critical systems. Queen Consulting & Technologies employees are responsible for managing and analyzing various types of systems and associated logs which process or store sensitive information that must be protected at all times.

To ensure this, Queen Consulting & Technologies has implemented security policies, procedures, and controls for our Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk personnel, which are outlined in the following sections.

Queen Consulting & Technologies Philosophy

Queen Consulting & Technologies strives to provide partners and their clients with the highest level of security and protection where critical systems and sensitive information are concerned. Because you entrust Queen Consulting & Technologies with this information and access, we have developed and implemented various layers of security policies, protocols, and controls to be sure sensitive and protected information is secure at all times. These policies, protocols and controls comprise the company’s Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) that govern the Help Desk and NOC.

Best Practices

Queen Consulting & Technologies provides our partners with HIPAA and Massachusetts Privacy Regulation 201 CMR 17.00-compliant products and services. Our commitment to continually improving security is demonstrated by our adherence to the ISO/IEC 27000 series of security standards framework. This allows Queen Consulting & Technologies to provide evolving industry best practices and standardization of protocols in the realm of information security.

Queen Consulting & Technologies RMM partner Continuum was found compliant by an independent third-party auditing firm for security posture and controls against the requirements defined in both HIPAA and Massachusetts Privacy Regulation 201 CMR 17.00. To maintain compliance and continually improve the security program, Queen Consulting & Technologies adopted the ISO 27000 framework.

Employee Security Measures

Background Verification and Standards

Background checks are performed on all Queen Consulting & Technologies and Continuum partner employees, including Help Desk and NOC. In the United States, criminal records search and SSN verifications are done. In India, a criminal records search and verification checks for education and employment are done. All employees are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as a condition of employment.

Roles and Responsibilities

Every team member has a job description with detailed roles and responsibilities, associated with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are used daily. SOPs are in place to define how each employee must perform their day-to-day work. These procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to take advantage of improvements to our systems and maximize both security and efficiency. This practice restricts partner exposure to sensitive information and provides guidelines internally to employees coming into contact with sensitive information.

Information Security Training Program

Security awareness is a top priority with regards to Queen Consulting & Technologies staff and associates. To this end, a rigorous training program has been created and is actively managed. All employees, regardless of position, are required to complete the program and successfully pass all related tests. The comprehensive program includes topics such as Information Security, Anti-Virus Policy, Data Security, Information Sensitivity, Password Policy, and Destruction of Electronic Media. Each module of the program contains both a training document and exam. Refresher courses are required on an annual basis. Records are verified and maintained for course completion and annual refreshers are completed by each employee.

Company Security Measures

Data Center Credentials

For information security, we have applied industry-leading practices and processes. Only a select few individuals have administrative access to our servers and databases. All other access is at the application level. Information sent to our databases is first processed by a forwarding server, and then imported into the database. Our databases are not directly accessible from the Internet.

Queen Consulting & Technologies’ RMM infrastructure is hosted in Markely Group’s Data Center, a SSAE-16 certified facility. This data center is a fully redundant facility. For more information see, A copy of the SSAE-16 report is available upon request.

Secure Remote Connection Feature

Access to our managed systems is performed by using LogMeIn (LMI). LMI remote access products use a proprietary remote desktop protocol that is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). An SSL certificate is created for each remote desktop and is used to cryptographically secure communications between the remote desktop and the accessing computer. Additional LMI security information can be found here

Queen Consulting & Technologies embeds LMI into the NOC Portal used by the Help Desk, providing additional auditing capabilities, as each technician has their own credentials for the portal, and all entries are time-stamped.

System Updates

All NOC and Help Desk systems are updated regularly with Microsoft Patches, third party software and definitions for Antivirus and Anti-malware Solutions. Our agents ensure that antivirus software is properly installed and verify, and that the latest antivirus definition files have been updated and applied. The RMM agents also monitor to ensure Malwarebytes is installed and current on all end user devices. If Malwarebytes definitions have not been updated in the past 7 days, an alert will be raised.

Queen Consulting & Technologies’s Preventative Maintenance Team tests all security patches. Once tested, Microsoft security patches are classified as Whitelisted (passed), Blacklisted (failed and not recommended for installation) Conditional Blacklisted (failed under certain conditions and not recommended for installation) and In Progress (undergoing testing). A Patch Evaluation Report provides Partners with the classification.

Security Audit Program

As stated previously, Queen Consulting & Technologies RMM partner Continuum was found Compliant by an independent, 3rd party auditing firm, for security posture and controls against the requirements defined in both HIPAA and Massachusetts Privacy Regulation 201 CMR 17.00. In order to maintain compliance, and to continually improve upon the security program in place, Queen Consulting & Technologies RMM partner Continuum partner has adopted the ISO 27000 framework and will also schedule additional 3rd party audits annually to remain in compliance going forward.

Access Control

Queen Consulting & Technologies provides all employees, contractors, and third parties with the information they need to carry out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Access is granted through IT account request procedures, based on the principle of least privilege, and approved by Queen Consulting & Technologies management before granting access. When an employee separates from Queen Consulting & Technologies, Human Resources notifies IT to remove access at the end of the employee’s last day.

In addition to controlling access to sensitive information, Queen Consulting & Technologies has a strict Password Management Policy that is applied and enforced for all Queen Consulting & Technologies users. This policy is in force for Active Directory domains, hosted applications, internal and customer facing portals. Users are required to have a minimum password length which includes complexity and expires every 90 days.

Product Security Measures

Our various product offerings each house their own set of security features and measures that provide partners with confidence where information security is concerned.

IT Support Portal

Queen Consulting & Technologies uses state-of-the-art firewalls and only allows incoming traffic on ports 80 and 443. Our firewalls are multi-threat security systems which enable secure communications and deliver the best security and performance.

Our RMM platform operates entirely over secured connections. Our agents send only asset data and performance information to our data center. All agent information is sent either over https or encrypted using AES 128 bit encryption.

Agents communicate with the data center by using a local system account. The server agents send a keep-alive request to the data center every one minute over port 80.

All data sent from the agents to the data center is compressed at the client side using a compression key, encrypted and then sent over a secure 128-bit encrypted tunnel.

In the unlikely event of a data center outage, we have a limited functionality backup portal available so Partners can access Quick Access for Servers, Support, LogMeIn and also the Partner Support Portal. The portal is accessible from any smartphone or tablet.

  • LogMeIn– Queen Consulting & Technologies currently uses LogMeIn and LogMeIn Rescue to remotely access servers and workstations. LogMeIn products are architected with security being the most important design objective. Data centers and source code are continually reviewed by independent, accredited third party audit firms to ensure data, verifying that information remains confidential.
  • Remote Management Console– The remote management console allows authorized Queen Consulting & Technologies employees to connect securely and take remote control over client machines in the event that LogMeIn is unavailable. This connection is established using a Secure Shell 2 (ssh2) tunnel over port 443. The RDP protocol is used through this tunnel for remote access to end points. The partner’s machine initiates the connection and generates the encryption key. The connection is routed through our data center, which acts as a pass-through tunnel, and the connection is then made to the end point.
  • Password Vault (Secure Information Store)– The Secure Information Store is a web-based password vault designed to help our Partners securely store and manage sensitive information. The Secure Information Store allows for the secure transfer of server credentials to the NOC and desktop credentials to the Help Desk. Additionally, the Secure Information Store provides secure storage of critical client information for access by onsite technicians, secure storage of Lights Out Management credentials for remotely re-starting downed servers and secure storage of Vault encryption passphrases, for decrypting and troubleshooting Vault backups.

The Secure Information Store password vault resides in house, on our servers. Data stored within the Secured Information Store is delivered securely by HTTPS or by 256-bit AES encryption at both the database and column level, the same technology used in banks, credit card processors, hospitals and government agencies.

The Secured Information Store allows secure transfer of credentials to NOC and Help Desk technicians and provides a secure central location for Partner technicians to access vital information on their clients’ networks. When a technician accesses these credentials, information such as user name, date/time, system IP address, and any additional information provided by the technician is captured and logged for accountability.

Help Desk

RightAnswers is a cloud-based knowledge management system our Help Desk uses for issue tracking and troubleshooting. RightAnswers utilizes an SSL-encryption connection between a technician’s browser and RightAnswers servers. User authentication is performed on Queen Consulting & Technologies’ partner Continuum’s servers. The username and group is then encrypted and passed to RightAnswers’ servers. The encryption is accomplished through the use of GET requests with digested tokens. The digested tokens is passed from the application performing the authentication, to the RightAnswers portal, and is used to validate a single sign-on session request so that it will not be usurped by anyone. It is intended to validate that the intended authenticated user is the one generating the request. This validation is accomplished by passing an HTTP query string parameter value containing the digesting token. To avoid a man-in-the-middle or replay type of attack, the token is generated with a varying timestamp value added to it to make the final digested value unique for each use, and to produce a request that has a very limited lifespan.

What Partners Can Expect

When contacting the Help Desk or NOC, Partners can expect additional layers of security around partner identification and authentication as detailed below.

Network Operations Center (NOC) Protocols

Approval is a pre-requisite for initial access to a client system if the partner is directly contacting the NOC to perform specific tasks. This layer of security provides s the ability to predetermine system access and provides a level of access control.

NOC Access Levels 0-4 are selected by you to designate how you would like proactive troubleshooting to be performed for your servers. For example, you might want the NOC Technician to login to the server, diagnose the problem but avoid fixing anything until they receive permission from you (Access Level 1).

Help Desk Protocols

As with the NOC, approval is a prerequisite for initial access to a client system of the partner is directly contacting the Help Desk to perform specific tasks.

As with the NOC, approval is a prerequisite for initial access to a client system of the partner is directly contacting the Help Desk to perform specific tasks.

When clients call in, the Help Desk can see the incoming phone number as well as the name (be it site, partner or user) associated with the number. This allows for a more secure and personalized interaction with the Help Desk.

Help Desk personnel are not authorized to change site-level administrator passwords or credentials filed in Partner Portal’s password vault. User passwords at contracted sites can only be changed with the authorization of the partner, unless personnel authorized approve security-related requests (such as password resets) are pre-documented by the partner on the Partner Portal. Calls will be made to the appropriate parties using phone numbers documented by the partner when requesting authorization for security-related changes. If the user is not reach, a voicemail will be left and email sent.

Two-Factor authentication is available upon request of the partner for client sites. For such sites a text message will be sent to the security-related change requestor. The partner is responsible for supplying mobile numbers of personnel at the site prior to activating the two-factor option. When no mobile number is available the ticket will be escalated to the partner for completion per our normal procedures.


Queen Consulting & Technologies strives to provide clients with the highest level of security and protection of critical systems and sensitive information. We have implemented security policies, procedures and controls for our hardware and software, Network Operations Center (NOC), Help Desk personnel and for all Employees. Please contact our Account Management team if you have any questions.