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Data loss is a big headache. Since your hard drive is so complex – one square inch of hard disk space can store as much information as ten full bookcases! – it is also the most fragile part of your computer. Data is physically stored on spinning metal (i.e. “hard) disks called platters, with multiple platters on one spindle, and it can take as little as an impact, a power surge, or a bit of dust to disrupt that smooth operation. In fact, about 1 in 20 computers will likely experience some kind of data loss every year. We’ve all been there.

At Queen Consulting and Technologies, we know how important your data is to you and will do everything we can to get it back. There may be more options than you think, so don’t lose hope! We have the tools and 20 year data recovery experts to salvage your data from broken computer hard drives, as well as from removable storage like flash discs and external hard drives. One of our data recovery experts is one of few other people in the world who can perform a certain type of rare drive recovery.


Physical damage to your hard drive isn’t the only way you can lose data. Hackers these days target individuals and businesses with something called ransomware, a kind of malware that locks down all your files until you send the attacker an untraceable (and usually hefty) payment. Even if you get rid of the ransomware, your files may still be encrypted beyond hope of recovery.


This Doesn’t Have To Happen To You

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and hard drives will always fail eventually, but the best solution to both of these risks is proactively backing up your files. Queen Consulting and Technologies offers a service that automatically and securely backs up your data away from your servers, so you don’t have to worry about it. With a service like this, a crash or breach that could have put you out of business can be fixed in almost no time. For more information, see our Data Backup and Business Continuity services page.

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