We trusted Queen Consulting because of their attentiveness and consistency.

Empower Solutions LLC is a group of government contractors that work remotely throughout the country. Very cloud-based and travel oriented. However, we handle a great deal of orders and solutions and have our own compliance needs we needed to fulfill. Our current IT support company at the time was good, but they weren’t fulfilling our needs for the amount of money we were putting into them.

“Our previous IT support wasn’t paying attention, they wouldn’t listen and sent materials we had not ordered and didn’t want. It’s been wonderful since we switched to Queen. They provide great value and know far more about our industry as resellers to the federal government than our previous IT company did. Not only do they save us money, they do great work and are aligned with our business objectives.


Whenever I think of Queen, I don’t think of the support portal,  I think of the people.  In addition to their technical abilities, they communicate well and make it clear we are working with human beings who care.  It’s easy to build trust with such attentiveness and consistency.


If I had to describe Queen in three words they would be consistent, competent, and scalable.”

Sarah Oasen


Excutive Director, Operations & Compliance

Notable Improvements:

  • 24/7 Help Desk support and management for a fully remote staff
  • Efficient laptop configuration for new devices
  • Ongoing Windows Update management
  • PII security training
  • Advanced endpoint security/antivirus
  • Email migration to Microsoft Office 365 with a new domain
  • Management of Adobe Pro licenses

Company Profile

Name: Empower Solutions

Client Since: 2019

Number of Employees: 10

Favorite Service: Attentive and Consistent Support